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Did you know that engine overheating is one of the most common problems on the roads of Dubai? And that overheating can severely damage your car’s engine and transmission? It is, therefore, imperative to keep the engine cooling system in good condition. All you need to do is get it serviced from time-to-time to keep it in good working condition.

Main components of the engine cooling system that needs regular servicing

  • Thermostat

  • Upper hose

  • Radiator

  • Fan

  • Water pump

  • Transmission cooler

  • Lower hose

  • Reserve tank

  • Heater core

  • Heater hoses

  • Pressure cap

All these components are the heart and soul of the engine, and if they don’t function as per the need, the engine can damage seriously.

How do you know that the cooling system of the engine needs servicing?

  • When the car engine is overheating

  • The car stops automatically while driving

  • The radiator is emitting steam

  • Your car AC is not turning on or off

  • The light on the panel is on

  • The coolant is disappearing.

Why do car engines overheat?

There is no one reason for your car engine to get overheated; it can overheat for many reasons. It is mainly because something is just not right within the cooling system, and the extra heat generated by the engine is not able to escape the engine compartment. Cooling system leakage, fan not functioning, broken water pump or clogged coolant hose are some other reasons for the engine to get heated up.

How To Prevent The Car Engine From Getting Overheated?

Some things you can do by yourself to take care of the engine. If you are vigilant and take care of your car as a part of your body, it will never betray you. A great way to keep the engine in good condition is to get it regularly inspected for any faulty part or blockages. If you cannot do anything about it, take it to a car service provider such as Vogue Auto Services.

Vogue Auto Services have a solution to all the car problems. The experts there will take due care of your car engine. They will regularly flush the coolant and refill it for better engine performance. They will keep your car’s radiator up-to-date and dig deeply to diagnose each and every issue with the engine.

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