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Mercedes Benz is based in Stuttgart, Germany and very famous for its three-pointed star representing Mercedes’s drive towards universal motorization with its strong engines dominating land, sea and air.

Vogue Auto Repair Services, Mercedes specialist will ensure you to keep your vehicle running in peak condition and harsh environment at all times. Vogue Auto Repair Services Repairing Service Center believe in giving to our customers the high level service possible and make our commitment to excellence has helped us to become the most trusted and reliable maintenance service provider in town.

If your Mercedes AMG engine is consuming engine oil you don’t have to look anywhere else as, We will take the time to utilize diagnostic tools to ensure that you know everything that is going on with your vehicle. It will also help you to avoid any surprises that may come up during the repair process and ensure that your Mercedes AMG have it drive back on the road again fast and strong!

Our specialists have all repair and diagnosis tools to tackle and identify any kind of complex electronic failure efficiently  with strong commitment. We are very much happy to serve and assist you.

Our customized Mercedes services:

  • While, For regular Mercedes car maintenance and its engine efficiency, Vogue Auto Repair Workshop works Dubai provide high-quality Oil and lubrication services. ; 


  • Almost we provide Checking detailed repairing and maintenance services 

  • Oil change and filter, use high-quality lubricants 

  • Body parts, genuine Mercedes spare parts

  • Checking and replacement radiator, tire, engine, brakes, hand brakes, and batteries 

  • Check suspension joints, AC system, Wiper blade, and lighting conditions 

  • Spark plugs replacement and general maintenance  

  • Diagnostics and Detailed inspection report 

  • Solve all kinds of electric and mechanical issues 

  • Similarly, we offer Car body repair, painting, dent remove and polishing 

Mercedes-Specialist Major & Minor Services

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