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You know the transmission is one of the most neglected parts of the car? On the contrary, it is one of the most important parts of a car. It is mounted directly on the engine and converts the engine’s combustion power to momentum power that drives the wheels. Its main aim is to make the engine as efficient as possible by reducing the amount of fuel consumption while getting the best amount of power.

Now you know how important transmission is for a car. So get its regular servicing  & maintain its well-being from Vogue Auto Services expert technicians at Vogue Auto Services.

Symptoms That Show You Need Car Transmission Service Or Repair

  • Noises – when your car is in neutral gear, and still, you hear some grinding, ticking, and whining noises.

  • Gears are slipping – when you face difficulty in changing gears and locking it on a specific number.

  • Engine light – when the red engine light on the dashboard is on.

  • Shaking – when you observe that the car is shaking when you change the gear.

  • All the issues mentioned above are only due to the leakage of transmission fluid or low transmission fluid level.

    If you observe any of the above issues in your car, take some superior’s advice and get your car checked for transmission fluid.

    How Can You Extend The Life Of Your Car’s Transmission?

    Your car cannot move an inch if the transmission is not working at all. So, getting service done is imperative for its long life.

  • Regular service – experts in the automobile industry suggest that you must get your transmission serviced after every 80,000 km.

  • Use correct fluid – transmission fluid is different from other fluids used in the car. Therefore install the correct, high-premium transmission fluid in your car. Use a fluid recommended by the car’s manufacturer.

  • How To Get The Repair Or Service Done?

    You can take the service of our experts at Vogue Auto Services. The best way to prevent unnecessary transmission repairs is to keep the transmission fresh. At Vogue Auto Services , we can remove your old transmission fluid and perform the complete flush of your transmission system. After flushing, we shall install new, manufacturer’s advised, premium quality transmission fluid. We possess high-end tools and machines to get the whole job done in just a few hours. We also devote our services to provide value for money.

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