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Do you know that the gearbox is the second most essential part of the car? It is necessary for your car to achieve the desired speed and torque from the same engine. Also, your engine cant rotates in all the directions, so to reverse the car gearbox is needed. So, now you know for a seamless drive, you need to keep your car’s gearbox in good condition.

How do you know the gearbox isn’t working well?

  • Late or no Response.

  • Slipping of the gear transmission.

  • Noises from the gearbox

  • Burning smell from the box.

  • leaking fluid under the car.

  • Engine light is on.

Common Car Gearbox Problems:

If your car is showing any of the above symptoms, the gearbox needs repair and maintenance. Some of the reasons for your gearbox not working well can be:

  • Leakage- gearbox works smoothly with transmission fluid, lack of which can cause severe damage to the fast rotating components of the gearbox. Damaged fluid pan or a broken seal can cause such leakage, hence repair your gearbox and refill the fluid.

  • Worn out a clutch plate- clutch plate helps in an easy shifting of gears and assures smoother drives. If you can observe the grinding sensation after you press the clutch pedal fully, then it is possible that your clutch plates have worn out. Replace the parts to prevent gearbox damage.

  • Damaged shift fork- if your gear is slipping and you are unable to keep it on specific gear, it can be a dangerous situation, mostly fatal. The reason behind gear slipping is the damaged shift. If the shift fork is damaged, you will not be able to lock on to the correct gear. So, get your shift fork repaired or replaced.

  • Low fluid level- the transmission fluid cools down the heat generated by the friction of the gearbox components. If the level of this fluid is low, the gearbox will generate more heat, and this heat can cause severe damage to the car gearbox.

If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, its time to get the service done, you can take our service at Vogue Auto Services . We are experts in diagnosing the problem and bringing in positive results.

Our Process:

One of our professionals will test drive the car and check any default in the gearbox and the gears. Next, he will use a diagnostic tester to review the failure, check the control unit, and oil condition in the gearbox. He will further move on to servicing or removing the gearbox, as needed. After all the overhauling procedures are done, he will move on to make the diagnosis with the tester to ensure everything is fine now.

We do all the repairs and services of the gearbox including:

  • Gearbox repair

  • Gearbox refurbishment

  • Gearbox replacement

  • Car transmission repair

  • Car transmission refurbishment

  • Car transmission replacement

If you get your gearbox timely repaired by us at Vogue Auto Services, you can save on a lot of time, hassles, and money.

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