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Vogue Auto Services(Land Rover,Range Rover & European Car  workshop)



Jaguar is one of the historical British car just focus on elegance, luxury and comfort. Actually, Sharing many components with its sister SUV company Land Rover; Jaguar has an outstanding range of models that use highly advanced and powerful engines and powerplants.

Vogue Auto Repair Services has an excellent reputation and one of the most verified, trusted service providers of luxury car services including Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover and other German Cars.

Our garage and service center has best technicians and vehicle specialists. Our main concern is to ensure your vehicle is up and running in the most efficient manner. When it comes to luxury vehicles, we offer extensive assistance with safety checks, AC repairs, complete maintenance and repairs and oil change and much more. Whether you need to have its engine repaired, or need to get your car serviced, the one thing that you can be assured of is that Vogue Auto Repair Services has got you covered indeed.

We have served thousands of customers across UAE and delivered that kind of services which helped us win our Customers trust and loyalties indeed.


As one of the leading British and German car service centers in Dubai, we pride ourselves for specializing in all types of repairs and maintenance for luxury cars no matter how complicated they may seem. Our team of experienced and reliable mechanics provide an honest appraisal of any required car maintenance in Dubai. Hence, you will have peace of mind knowing that your prized possession is in good hands

If you own a Jaguar, you know you are in a unique, rare group of elite individuals who can experience such luxury. You have certainly seen individuals eyeing your vehicle on the road. Albeit a beautiful vehicle, Jaguars are not without the need for maintenance and auto repair. If you’ve come this far in life, you probably understand how important these are to the longevity and performance of your vehicle. So if you are looking for service for Jaguar or Jaguar maintenance, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Factory Trained Jaguar Technicians provide the following services:

  • Power Steering

  • Drive Train

  • Fuel Services

  • Electrical diagnosing & repairs

  • A/C Repairs

  • Engine Brakes

  • Suspension

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